Submit a paper to Turnitin Basic

Submit your assignment to Turnitin via Blackboard.

Unless you are instructed otherwise, you should submit your assignment as a PDF.

Do not submit an Apple Pages file – your instructors may not be able to read them. You will need to export it to PDF and upload that to the assignment.

Look here for a list of what type of files are accepted by Turnitin for assignments.


  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to your assignment within your Blackboard course.
  2. Tii assignment in BbClick the View/Complete link underneath the name of the assignment. This will take you to the Assignment Inbox.
  3. Assignment InboxClick the Submit button.
  4. Screenshot of turnitin interface with the submission input box highlighted
    • Your student handbook, or the Blackboard course, will tell you what you need to put in the Submission Title.
    • If your school has instructed you to enter your candidate number into the submission title, you can find this on your student ID card:Sample ID card with candidate number circled
  5. Tii choose uploadChoose where your work is stored, and follow the prompts to locate your file:
    • Choose from this computer
      Upload a file stored on your computer
    • Choose from Dropbox
      Link to your Dropbox account and upload a file stored there
    • Choose from Google Drive
      Link to your Google Drive account and upload a file stored there
  6. Upload your assignmentClick Upload.

    This does not complete the submission of your work!

    Make sure you complete the remaining steps below.

  7. You will now see information about your submission, along with a preview of what you have submitted.Preview your submission
    If you are happy this is the correct file, scroll down and click Confirm.
  8. Make a note of the submission ID – this is proof that you have submitted your work.

Download the receipt

Turnitin may also email you a confirmation, but we strongly recommend that you also download the receipt for your records at the time of submission.

The submission receipt is a PDF containing information about the file you submitted, as well as the submission ID.

If your School hides submission links following the submission period you will not be able to retrieve your receipt.

  1. Go back to where you submitted your work (follow steps 1-3, above)
  2. Tii Download buttonClick the Download button next to the submission and choose Digital receipt. This will download a PDF of the digital receipt. Keep this safe.

Additional methods to download your submission receipts.

Are you having trouble submitting your work?

Turnitin’s help site has a number of things to check

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