Add a video to a blog post

  1. Before you create your new blog post you need to either, upload your video, or, record your video, into your My Folder in your Panopto Video Library.
  2. Click on Panopto Video Library in the blog instructions to access your My Folder. Descriptive
  3. Follow the instructions under the Next, upload your video to your Panopto folder heading on this Submission Instructions page
  4. Now return to the blog and create your new blog post.
  5. From the editing tools menu click the Add Content button.Descriptive
  6. Select Panopto Student Video Submission from the pop up menu.
  7. This will open your My Folder in Panopto and you will see all your previously recorded videos. Select the required video by ticking the box and click Submit Video.Descriptive
  8. You will return to your blog post and you will see a link to your video in the blog entry text box.Descriptive
  9. Once you have finished editing your post, select Post Entry. Your post will be saved with the video link.