Submit multiple files to Blackboard Assignments

Follow these instructions to submit multiple files to a Blackboard Assignment submission link.

If you are submitting a video, ensure you follow these alternative instructions

Firstly, create your submission

  1. Go to Blackboard and navigate to your module. Locate your submission link and click on it to open the submission page.
  2. Click Upload Files 
    If you are submitting a video ensure you follow these alternative instructionsDescriptive
  3. Choose the location of your files:
    Browse Local files – upload files saved on your computer
    Content Collection – do not select this option
    Browse Cloud Service – upload a file saved on One Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox or Box.Descriptive
  4. You can select and attach multiple files to your submission.Descriptive

Next, submit your work

  1. When you are ready to submit your work, click the Submit button.You will then see the purple banner confirming your successful submission.Descriptive
  1. You will then see your submission. If it looks correct, click Ok. Descriptive
  2. If you have done something wrong, click on Start New to redo your submission.


Finally, check your submission receipt

Always make sure you have a copy of your submission receipt

It is your proof of your submission if things go wrong.

We strongly recommend that you download and save a copy of your submission receipt at the time of submission.

You will also receive an emailed copy to your student email address.

If you need assistance in uploading your video your College Office as soon as you identify an issue.