Blackboard Collaborate

Bb_CollaborateBlackboard Collaborate allows the use of virtual classrooms, webinars, on-line meetings and webinar sessions. There are a number of tools for moderators such as a virtual white board, screen sharing, web tours and polling.

Participants can communicate through text chat, as well as using a microphone or web cam when permitted. It can be very useful in distance learning as well as when using a blended approach. Aston has integrated Collaborate with Blackboard to allow for ease of use.

How do I use it?

As a Participant

As a student you will mostly be expected to take part in sessions as a Participant.

Participants Help

As a Moderator

Depending upon how your lecturer might want you to use the tool you may take part in sessions as a Moderator.

Moderators Help

Preparing your computer for your first session

Preparing your computer for your first Collaborate session. This 4 step guide will get you set up with the relevant software, to launch a Collaborate session. This link will take you to a page on the Blackboard Collaborate web site that will scan your computer to check that you have the required software installed.

System Requirements

As of July 2014 there is an updated system requirements list. Even if you have used Collaborate previously you are strongly encouraged to check that your computer still conforms to the requirements.

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