Submit a video assignment using Panopto

Video assignments use the normal Blackboard assignment tool, however, don’t attach or the video file in the same way as you would a Word Document or PDF. You must follow these instructions carefully.

Before you begin

Use the correct machine

You must upload on a laptop or a desktop computer. You cannot upload using a mobile phone or a tablet.

If you are using a laptop, make sure you’ve got it plugged in and are running on mains power.

Switch off your Ad Blocking

If you are running an ad blocking extension, or your browser has the functionality to block advertising built in, switch it off!

It may prevent you from either uploading your video into Panopto or adding the uploaded video into your Blackboard assignment.

Check your broadband speed

To give you an idea of how long your upload will take, you can use to test your upload speed. When you first visit the site, it will show your download speed. Click on More Info to see your upload speed.

As a guide, at a top upload speed of 1.5 Mbps a 30-minute 1080p video could take three hours to upload.

Tips to improve your upload speeds

You may find upload speeds are faster in the evening when broadband is being used less elsewhere.

If you can, use a wired network connection.

If you are using Wi-Fi, being in the same room as your router will ensure you’re getting the fastest speeds between your computer and the router.

Ask others in the house to avoid using the Wi-Fi whilst you upload your video.

Reduce your file size

If you think your video is too big to upload on the connection you are using, you can reduce the size.

  • If you used an application to create the video, follow the steps in the app to reduce the quality.
  • If you didn’t use an app (e.g. recorded from a camera) or the app you are using doesn’t let you change the output quality, you can use a third-party tool such as Handbrake to reduce the file size.

Firstly, create your Panopto folder

  1. Log into Blackboard, navigate to your module and locate your submission link.
  2. In the text you will see a link to your Panopto Video Library – note, the exact text may vary.
  3. DescriptiveClick on the link to create your Panopto folder – you are now in your Panopto folder on the Panopto website.

Next, upload your video to your Panopto folder

  1. DescriptiveInside your Panopto Video Library click Create at the top on the left.
  2. From the menu select Upload Media and follow the on-screen prompts to upload your video to your Panopto Video Library.
  3. DescriptiveYour video will begin to upload and you will see the green bar progress across the window. Do not close this page until Panopto prompts you to do so.
  4. DescriptiveWhen the upload is completed Panopto will begin processing your video. At this point you can close the window.

Now begin your video submission

  1. Return to Blackboard and navigate to your module. Locate your submission link and click on it to open the submission page.
  2. Do not upload your video via the attach file option

    This will not upload your video to Panopto. You must follow the below instructions carefully.

  3. Click Write Submissiondo not click Browse Local Files.
  4. DescriptiveYou will now see the content editor. To see all toolbar buttons, click the ellipsis icon.
  5. DescriptiveClick the Add Content icon – the plus in a circle which will be the last icon listed.
  6. DescriptiveListed underneath Additional Tools, click Panopto Student Video Submission – you may have to scroll down the list.

    IMPORTANT You must not click on ‘Panopto Video’ – your submission will fail.

  7. This opens your personal folder in Panopto where your video is stored.

Select your video

Next, you need to select the video that you previously uploaded to your Panopto folder.

  1. In your Panopto folder you will see all the videos that you have previously uploaded or recorded.
  2. DescriptiveTick the box next to the video you are submitting and then click Submit.
  3. DescriptiveThe pop up will close and you return to the content editor of your submission, Panopto has added a link to your video.

You have not finished the submission process yet!

Read on to see the final steps

Add any additional documents to your submission

DescriptiveFor example, if the video is of your presentation, your lecturer may have also asked you to attach the presentation PDF or PowerPoint file, or some other supporting files, to your submission. If so, you can do so by clicking on Browse Local Files which appears underneath the content editor where you added your video

Complete your submission to Blackboard

When you are ready to submit your work, click the Submit button.Descriptive

You will then see the purple banner confirming your successful submission.Descriptive

Finally, check your submission

After you have completed your submission, you will see the work you have just uploaded.

  1. Click the video link to play the video to check it is the working and that you have submitted the correct one. If you see this message, then your video is still being processed by Panopto and it is not yet ready to be played. Descriptive
    The longer your video, the bigger the file and the longer Panopto will take to process it. Ensure you return to your submitted link to check your video will play once the processing has completed.
  2. Click on the title of your supporting documents to check they open and that you have submitted the correct one.
  3. If required, click on Start New to redo your submission.


Check your submission receipt

Always make sure you have a copy of your submission receipt

It is your proof of your submission if things go wrong.

We strongly recommend that you download and save a copy of your submission receipt at the time of submission.

You will also receive an emailed copy to your student email address.

If you need assistance in uploading your video contact the TEL team.