Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment

Bb_learn_smallA VLE is a platform that assists learning. Each of your Academic modules will have a corresponding Backboard course. A course is made up of several elements from resources to tools that facilitate learning activities. These may include text, documents, multimedia elements, discussion boards and assessments to name a few.

Aston Replay Lecture Recordings

AstonReplay_Logo_webWant to know more about how to get the most from your recorded lectures?

Find out more about browsing all your material, making notes and searching within recordings.

Turnitin Electronic Submission

Tii 2016Need help with submissions?

Find out more about interpreting the originality report and how to get your feedback.

Collaborate Virtual Classrooms

Bb_CollaborateNeed to join a virtual classroom session and have no idea how?

Find out how to prepare your computer for your first session, learn what the tools do and understand the interface.

Box of Broadcasts TV & Radio Archive

Box of BroadcastsA shared service with access to over a million recordings of TV and radio


libraryIf you are looking for help with using the Library systems take a look at LIS Aston.