Submit your work to Turnitin (Ultra)

Submit your assignment to Turnitin via Blackboard.

Before you start

Unless you are instructed otherwise, you should submit your assignment as a PDF.

Are you using an Apple Mac?

Do not upload a Pages file – your instructors may not be able to read them.

You should export your work as a PDF and then upload the PDF version to your submission link.

Steps to submit your work

  1. DescriptiveLog into Blackboard and navigate to your submission link within your Blackboard course. Click on your submission link to open a panel showing your due date and how many days are left to go. When you are ready, click Launch.
  2. You will now see the Assignment Dashboard.
  3. DescriptiveTo see more information about your assessment, click on the menu arrow next to Submission Link. Amongst other information you will see:
    • Your due date.
    • Your marking rubric (if one has been applied). You are able to download a copy of the marking rubric for your reference.
  4. DescriptiveTo start your submission, from the Assignment dashboard, click on Upload Submission.
  5. DecorativeIn the Submit File pop up, ensure that the Upload Submission tab is showing.
  6. DecorativeNow attach your assignment:
    • Click Choose File to open the file browser of your computer. Use the file browser to find your assignment file on your computer.
    • Alternatively, you can drag your assignment file from your computer’s file browser and drop it onto the submission panel.
  7. When you select a file, you will see the name of that file in the Submission Title field.
  8. Sample ID card with candidate number circledYou can edit this text as required by your assessment instructions.
    If your school has instructed you to enter your candidate number into the submission title, you can find this on your student ID card:
  9. When you are ready click Upload and Review.
  10. DescriptionThe next screen gives you an opportunity to review your submission before it is uploaded, you will see your file details and a preview of your file.
    Check that everything is as it should be, when you are ready click Submit to Turnitin.
  11. DecorativeThe upload will take a few moments. When it is finished you will see a green tick and the words Submission Complete.
  12. DescriptiveThe next screen confirms that you have completed your submission and offers you your submission receipt.

Download a copy of your receipt

Turnitin WILL NOT send out your submission receipt.

We strongly recommend that you download the receipt for your records at the time of submission.

The submission receipt is a PDF containing information about the file you submitted, as well as the unique submission ID number. If your School hides submission links following the submission period you may not be able to retrieve your receipt at a later date.

Additional methods to download your submission receipts.

Return to the Assignment Dashboard

You will see:

  1. Your submission.
  2. The time and date you completed your submission.
  3. The option to submit again – this will replace your current file.
  4. The option to download a copy of your submitted file.
  5. The option to download a copy of your submission receipt.Decorative


Need to redo your submission?

You may need to redo your submission, if, for example, you accidentally submitted the wrong document, or you have updated your work.

  1. Return to your submission link, you will see the Assignment Dashboard and your current submitted document – see above.
  2. Click on the upward pointing arrow, this will restart the submission process.Please note: your second submission will replace first submission; you will not be able to recover the document. Descriptive
  3. If you are unable to click the arrow then you are not permitted to redo your submission. Contact your Exams Team for advice. Descriptive

Are you having trouble submitting your work?

Turnitin’s help site has a number of things to check

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