Blackboard Collaborate

Bb_CollaborateBlackboard Collaborate allows the use of virtual classrooms, webinars, on-line meetings and webinar sessions. There are a number of tools for moderators such as a virtual white board, screen sharing, web tours and polling.

Participants can communicate through text chat, as well as using a microphone or web cam when permitted. It can be very useful in distance learning as well as when using a blended approach. Aston has integrated Collaborate with Blackboard to allow for ease of use.

How do I use it?

As a Participant

As a student you will mostly be expected to take part in sessions as a Participant.

Participants Help

As a Moderator

Depending upon how your lecturer might want you to use the tool you may take part in sessions as a Moderator.

Moderators Help

Preparing your computer for your first session

Preparing your computer for your first Collaborate session. This guide will get you set up to attend a Collaborate session.

Supported Browsers

Click here for information for currently supported internet browsers that will work with Blackboard Collaborate.
Supported Browsers

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