Help with your Blackboard journal

  1. Log into Blackboard. In your module, navigate to your journal and click on the link.
  2. NoneClick on Create Journal Entry.
  3. Give your entry a title and write your entry in the text box.You can attach items by using Browse My Computer.
  4. NoneYou can either save your entry as a draft, or if you are happy with your work, click Post Entry.
  5. NoneIn your journal you will see a the full text of all your entries with the newest at the top. You may be able to edit or delete your entries depending on the journal settings.
  6. NoneTo the right of the screen you will see an index of your entries set to either weekly or monthly.
  7. Your tutor may add comments to the individual entries in your journal, you will see unread comments on the bottom left of the entry.
    You can also make comments on entries, click Comment on the bottom right of the entry.