Working in a Blackboard group

You may be working in groups within a module and your group may have a group space enabled in Blackboard.

  1. DescriptiveLook in the left hand menu of your module. If the group space has been switched on you will see an additional option at the bottom named My Groups. Open the My Groups heading and you will see the names of all the groups of which you are a member.
  2. DescriptiveSelect a group name and the group menu will appear. This will show you all the tools that are enabled for your group and the link to the Group homepage.You will also see two options to personalise your group space. This will enable you to add a banner and change the colour of your space to distinguish it from the rest of the module.
  3. From the Group homepage you will see the other members of your group, links to the Blackboard tools that your group can utilise and any group submission links (bear in mind that if your group has to submit work to Turnitin, this link will not appear here. Only Blackboard Assignments submission links can appear in a group space.)