A mashup combines elements from two or more sources. When you view a YouTube™ video in a Blackboard Learn course as part of the course content, you are experiencing a mashup. Mashups also include Flickr® photos and SlideShare presentations.

Mashups are used in a variety of ways within a course: as a standalone piece of content, as part of a test question, as a topic in a discussion board, or as part of an assignment. For example, you can include a clip of your favorite movie in a journal entry.

Mashups appear in the following ways:

  • Embed: The mashup appears directly on the page.
  • Thumbnail: A small picture of the mashup appears on the page with controls to launch it.
  • Text Link with Player: A link to the mashup appears on the page. Click the link to launch the mashup.

Students add mashups using the content editor.

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