Submitting a Self and Peer Assessment

Submitting to a self/peer assessment is a 2 stage process. You must complete both stages to complete the assignment.

Completing an Assessment

  1. In the course area, cick the View/Complete Assessment link to begin an assessment.
  2. On the Take Assessment page, click a question link.
  3. On the Response page, type a response.
  4. Optionally, attach one or my files from your computer, Course Files, or the Content Collection.
  5. Type a Link Title to give a name to the attachment link.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Repeat the steps as necessary until all of the questions are answered.
  8. Click Submit when the assessment is complete.

Evaluating a Self and Peer Assessment

  1. In the course area, click the assessment’s View/Complete Assessment link to begin the evaluation.
  2. On the Evaluation Overview page, click the appropriate name.
  3. On the Evaluation page, review the text in the Submission box. Expand the Criteria for review. Review attached files. Click Model Response to compare.
  4. Type the number of points for each criterion.
  5. Provide feedback, if requested.
  6. Select the Allocate Points check box.
  7. Click Save and Next Criteria to move to the next criteria -OR- Save and Next Question.
  8. Click Submit.

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