Submit a Kaltura Assignment

Video assignments use the normal Blackboard assignment tool, however, don’t upload the video file in the same way as you would a Word Document or PDF.

Important information before you begin

If you are using the computers at Aston, do not use Internet Explorer or Edge as you will not be able to complete your upload. You will need to follow the steps below using Google Chrome.

You must upload on a laptop/desktop computer. You cannot upload using a mobile phone/tablet.

Kaltura will accept most video formats and types (MOV, MP4, WMV etc. There’s a full list on their support site).

Firstly, open the Kaltura mashup tool

  1. In your Blackboard course, locate the link to submit the assignment and click it
  2. Do not upload your video via the attach file option

    This will not upload it to Kaltura. You must follow the below instructions carefully.

    Click Write Submisssion – do not click Browse my Computer.

  3. This will reveal the content editor, below. If the toolbar consists of one row of icons, as below, click the Show More icon.Content editor
  4. Kaltura Media MashupClick Mashups then Kaltura Media
  5. This opens the Kaltura window.

Secondly, upload your video

Next, you need to locate your video. This can either be a file on your computer, a video you have previously uploaded into Kaltura, or you can record from your webcam. Chose below to see the instructions:

  1. In the top right, click Add New and then Media Upload
  2. Either
      • Drag and drop your file into the upload widget,
      • Click Choose a file to upload to select the file to upload.

    If you are uploading a large file, this may take some time. Be patient and wait for the screen below.

  3. Fill in the required information in the form (it will take the video name from your filename), then click Save and Embed.

You have not finished the submission process yet!

This completes the upload to Kaltura, but does not submit the assignment to Blackboard.

Read on to see the final steps

Your existing Kaltura videos are listed on this screen. If you need to preview a video, you can click the thumbnail.

  1. Locate the video you want to use, and click Select next to it.
  2. The window will close, and you will be returned back to Blackboard

You have not finished the submission process yet!

This completes the upload to Kaltura, but does not submit the assignment to Blackboard.

Read on to see the final steps

If you are uploading a large file you may see one of these pictures pictures

Be patient and allow time for Kaltura to process your video.

Thirdly, add other assignment parts

Have you been asked to submit other files along with your video?

E.g., if the video is of your presentation, your lecturer may have also asked you to attach the presentation PDF/PPT file, or some other supporting files, to your submission.

If so, you can do so in the usual way by clicking Browse My Computer.

Finally, submit your work

Upload Assignment with Kaltura mashup content

To submit your assignment, click the Submit button – find this at the top and bottom of the Upload Assignment page.

Your receipt may say that no files have been submitted

This is expected behaviour as the video files are not saved into Blackboard. They are uploaded into Kaltura, a separate system, and then linked to your submission in a similar way to how a website might embed a Youtube video.

If you need assistance in uploading your video contact the TEL team.